Guys, I want you to pay attention today.

In fact, I want you to go get a pen and pad of paper and take notes, okay?

Because we’re going to hear from women on AskReddit about things that men do that they find extremely attractive…but of course, the guys don’t even realize it.

Take a look at what they had to say!

1. Just a little patience.


If a guy is just calm and reassuring when s**t hits the fan, that’s insanely attractive.

Also if he’s teaching something and just gently helps without getting annoyed.”

2. That’s nice.

“When he shows genuine interest in knowing tiny details about you

I am talking in the context of my partner here, not a random person. He sometimes asks insignificant details about me out of interest and concern, takes notice of little things.

Does it very casually and doesn’t realise how attractive that makes him to me. A person who’s attentive, genuine, caring. Yeah sums it up!”

3. Takin’ care of business.

“They can take care of themselves. Clean house, cook, do laundry etc.

They don’t have to be a perfectionist but just have a grown up ability to take care of their needs.”

4. Be kind.

“Kindness, I find men of all shapes and sizes incredibly attractive when they show kindness when they think they are not watched.

Absently minded petting an animal, greeting a child, very small gestures that show the kindness that is within them, not because they were taught it is the right thing, but because they feel it.”

5. Good stuff.

“Confidence but not arrogance.

Able to laugh at themselves.”

6. The ‘do.

“I don’t think a lot of men realize just how much a good haircut can help.

Obviously it’s a a bit subjective, but a flattering haircut can make a massive difference.

My partner got a bad hair cut once and although he is a handsome dude, he looked like a turnip.”

7. Nice and chill.

“When he has that low, relaxed tone that says he’s absolutely chilling.

That’s absolutely it.”

8. Mean what you say!

“Effective communication.

A man that says what he means & means what he says.

Doesn’t expect you to just know or to read his mind.”

9. That’s hot.

“Husband and I were driving. The car in front of us stalled out in the intersection.

Traffic was starting to back up. Husband sighed, put the car in park, walked to the stalled out car and pointed at random cars with dudes in them and the dudes all got out. He didn’t say anything, they just all knew it was time to push a car.

Husband talked to the driver of the stalled out car, she was shaking, just a teenager, probably the first time this happened to her. He motioned her to the sidewalk, another dude got out of his car and steered the non working one while husband and the other dudes pushed the stalled out car up half a block to the gas station.

Dudes shook all the other dudes hands. Teenage girl was still shaking but obviously relieved her car wasn’t in the middle of the intersection anymore. All dudes returned safely to their cars.

Not gonna lie it was super hot to see husband just help like that. Tried to have sex with him that night but turns out he threw out his back pushing the car. He was still hot doing it though!”

10. What’s cookin’.

“I really REALLY like it when my husband brings me a little bit of what he’s cooking on a tea spoon to taste.”

11. Loyal.

“omething very attractive to me is when a man has had the same friend group for most of his life (and they’re good people).

Just a huge green flag to me that he is loyal and cares about his friendships.”

12. That’ll do it!

“Rolled up sleeves, smelling good, and reversing a car with only one hand and the other behind your seat headrest.”

13. Good memory!

“When he remembers you mentioned liking something and days/weeks later he surprises you with the thing you casually mentioned.”

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