Have you ever gone over to someone’s house or apartment and you could immediately tell that they didn’t have their life together because of the state of the place?

Yeah, that’s not a good sign…

But what are some other signs that are a giveaway someone doesn’t have their s**t together?

Check out what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Here we go again.

“Those types of people are either the hero or victim in every conversation you have with them.


2. Yup.

“You can always tell your friend is going through some s**t in their life when their social media posts all of a sudden have an uptick in positive and motivational quotes.

It’s like a call for help or something.”

3. Gross.

“Being an edgelord or a s**t-disturber past age 20.

Reminiscing hard about something negative.

Venting about personal shit to someone on their first impression.”

4. Drives me crazy.

“Chronic lateness.

While not 100% foolproof, I’ve very rarely met a successful person who is late for everything.”

5. Let’s just be friends.

“Past their 20s and still have their parents do everything for them.

I chose not to date a guy because of this. I didn’t mind that he still lived with his parents. He didn’t like the idea of renting & was saving to buy a house. The dealbreaker was that his mother did all his laundry & he did no upkeep around the house.

We were friends for a lotta years, though. I taught him how to use a dishwasher after he bought a house.”

6. You want me to do WHAT?!?!

“Pulling someone into their issues, constantly asking you to cover costs for them, balking back at suggestions that could change lives…”

7. Uh oh.

“4 kids by different dads while constantly telling everyone they just want the best for their kids while being unemployed.”

8. The wise ones.

“They post vapid “inspirational quotes” online after they’re 40 years old like they’ve found such amazing wisdom in a blurry shared post that they thought they’d gift everyone else with it.”

9. Get some help.

“If they perpetually put off getting the help they need, making thousands of excuses while only talking about how much they cannot handle anything that happens to them in life.

We all need help, it’s fine, just please go get the help you need.”

10. Probably true.

“People with bad luck.

Sounds harsh but I find people who attribute the state of their life to bad luck are a mess.”

11. Bingo!

“They post all of their drama online and then complain that people are in their business.”

12. Again?

“Being endlessly unprepared, like running out of basic stuff or needing basics when they are out because they forgot…again.”

13. Desperate.

“If they are always looking to impress other people.

If you can’t make mistakes where people see them I feel like it reflects huge insecurities.

Nobody is going to be smooth and well spoken all the time, but when people are clearly trying to be, it seems desperate.”

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