There are something like 8 million different species of animal alive on the planet today, and it is downright shocking just how many of them are impossibly adorable.

Like, how are they doing that? How did evolution pull that off? And can I snuggle them?

Here are some animals that just defy description in terms of adorable.

14. The mouse incident

I can’t tell if he’s sedated or just being a total drama queen.

13. Spoonful of sugar

He looks like he just woke up and still doesn’t know where he is.

12. In the hood

It’s truly the only way to travel.

11. Put a cap on it

Um, excuse me, is that a BEAR?


10. Half calf

He’s all heart, that one.

9. Professor quack

Looks like he’s about to drop a bomb symphony on all of us.

8. Brotherly love

We gots to look out for each other.

7. Talented talons

Birds of a feather hang together.

6. Be safe!

Can’t tell if the mask is to stop disease or block his mighty fire breath.

5. Snek

Wishes you a Merry Chrissssmassss!

4. Surveying the damage

Is she concerned or victorious?

3. Mine now

“Um. Scuse me. There appears to be someone in my house.”

2. Little lamb

Find whiter fleece, I dares ya.

1. Froggo

He’s just here to help.

I could eat ’em all up. Not literally. I mean I’m hungry but I’m not a monster. If you see any of these animals out there, please¬† let them know I’d like to pet them.

What’s the cutest kind of animal in your opinion?

Tell us in the comments.