Apparently something like 63 million American households have at least one dog in them, which is pretty crazy considering that every single one of them is the bestest doggo in the whole wide world, yestheyare, yestheyare.

That’s an insanely extensive tie for our furry friends to find themselves in, but it’s all well deserved, as evidenced by these photos.

13. Nice cream

Ah, the golden days of summer.

12. A mighty killer

Sound the alarm! He’s here!

11. Gains on gains

Do you even lift, bro?

10. Fitting and sitting

In this vehicle the pupholders come standard.

9. Big trouble

“I know what I did. Go ahead with the lecture, get it out of your system.”

8. Little cow

“Do I…do I live with them now? Is this my home?”

7. The balcony view

This is amazing. Is it just far enough off the ground that they know not to jump?

6. Pooper pupper

Just popping in to see how things we going in here.

5. Bird dog

I’m just sittin’ on some eggs till my friend gets back.

4. Special delivery

Sorry, I’m gonna need you to sign for something. And give pets.

3. Nice and cozy

How does this breed always look stoned?


2. Bear with me

They’re evolving.

1. Blown away

It’s heckin’ WIMDY.


I need to pet each and every one of them. Even mud dog.

Do you have a pupper? What are they like?

Tell us all about them in the comments.