We all love a good meme.

They lean into shared cultural knowledge like a virtual inside joke in a way that makes us feel united and in-the-know.

And obviously the good ones are funny.

Well a couple of guys from Canada are trying to think outside the box by taking memes to a whole new level.

Their Instagram account is cleverly called @physicalmemes, and their shtick is exactly what it sounds like.

They are trying to create actual, physical versions of viral memes, in the form of telephone pole posters and advertisements, and it’s just about the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever seen.

Bored Panda explains:

The creative duo, who describe themselves as “a couple of retired male models, hopping from job to job in search of the best office printers” are putting up street flyers all over the city.

Not just contained to their local Vancouver, many of their flyers have popped up in Toronto, as well.

Each one is posted on Instagram and tagged with its location so that you can check it out for yourself if you’re lucky enough to live in the area.

Here are some of the most interesting ones.

1. Professional photography to commemorate your divorce

I hope they take this further, with other engagement traditions.
Or like, a divorce reveal (like a gender reveal but for who gets custody?)

2. Arnold Pitts lost his credit card

Right up there with Nigerian prince schemes.

3. Homemade pickle samples

Try them while they’re fresh.
Wasted food aside, this one was just weird enough that it made me chuckle.

4. But man, they really do like to waste food, don’t they?

I can’t help hoping someone in need went ahead and ate her apples.

5. I would like to befriend the small child with the large sack of money

We can keep an eye on it, and only spend a little.

6. The mom who makes too much lasagna for the ungrateful brood

IDK why, but this one just felt very real to me.

7. Watch out for Barb, fellas

Lady is on the prowl…

8. Honestly just kind of sad

But I guess in like a bittersweet sort of way.

9. If he doesn’t find the dad he’s looking for, maybe therapy

Specifically Harley therapy, because why not?

10. If that doesn’t work out, they can just blame this guy

What’s a scapegoat for, after all?

11. Things got weird quick

Like, out of hand weird.

12. Just. I. Don’t know.

I mean. Yeah.

13. Cause why though?

Is it a new, strange sport?

14. And then there’s this recent one

You have to read it clockwise or it won’t make sense.

These were all… something.

What do you think? Is it your brand of humor?

Be sure to tell us in the comments.