Are you married? I’m not. Someday probably, but not right now. For now my only window into the world of marriage is memes, and they’ve taught me a lot.

Here’s what the land of matrimony looks like, according to marriage memes.

14. Sign me up

Psh, we’re all stay at home now anyway.

13. You snooze you lose

That’s cool, I didn’t want to sleep anyway.

12. Whine and dine

It’s got all the nutrients that a body needs.

11. Picture perfect

I don’t know why this is true but it is.

10. Table manners

Oh you know it’s about to get real now.

9. Lock and load

If you keep doing it wrong, eventually you’ll stop being asked to do it.

8. Hush puppies

Just be cool man, be cool. We don’t want another incident.

7. The lion king

One of them is about to die I’m just not sure which.

6. A spoonful of sugar

Follow me for more lazy life hacks.

5. Stay in your lane

Subtly grabbing onto things for dear life.

4. The eternal cycle

Can the two of ya’ll just get on the same page please, I got stuff to do.

3. Mr. Right

Sounds like you’re in a highly dysfunctional relationship but ok.

2. Flush with pride

Soon I will be king and take my rightful seat on the throne.

1. Winner winner

I’m one of those generic ribbons you get for showing up.

If that’s marriage, sign me up? I guess? I feel very conflicted.

What’s marriage like to you?

Tell us your experience in the comments.