It’s okay to come clean: we all envy things about the opposite gender.

Yes, that includes you, too…don’t lie to me!

Now that we’ve established that there will be no lying, check out what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Ouch.

“No periods or PMS…

Sitting here with cramps right now…”

2. It’s glorious.

“The ability to p**s while standing.

Have you seen what a womens toilet looks like at a bar?

You would never touch us again.”

3. Be free!

“Wearing dresses.

Back in college someone left a flowy hippie skirt in my apartment.

My roommate and I would occasionally wear it around the house because it was so freeing.”

4. A big one.

“The ability to have biological kids later in life.

Medicine has improved and all, but having to plan a kid based on a biological clock rather than when it makes the most sense in my life journey sucks.”

5. Just being honest.

“I have pe**s envy.

I love everything about a p**is.

If I had one, I’d probably never stop playing with it.”

6. Dating games.

“Being able to play a more passive role in dating and not having to make the first approach.

I have next to no dating experience since I have social anxiety and find it really hard to initiate conversations with people in general, let alone someone I’m attracted to.

As a result, I’m quite lonely.”

7. Sad.

“This will sound twisted but…when they are the targets of domestic a**se, or s**ual v**lence, people react with anger on their behalf for the most part.

When it happened to me, people either mocked me, didnt believe it happened, or decided i deserved it somehow.

I was TEN! What 10 year old boy, who still thinks girls are gross, is going to want to have s**ual interactions with a teacher older than their mom?

I never laid a hand on my ex, but she accused me of hitting her, as revenge for breaking things off after she cheated, and i had to sit in jail until i could see a judge.

I lost my job, my apartment, and a ton of friends and family who either sided with her by default, or knew i didnt do it, but didnt want to be pulled into the drama and ‘associated with a domestic a**ser’.

And when she admitted, in court, to the judge, she only accused me out of spite, the judge just dropped the charges against me, didnt order them cleared from my record, and didnt charge her with any crimes.”

8. Not taken seriously.

“Being able to talk about mental health or abuse without either being laughed at or not being taken seriously.

I know it’s not the case with everyone. I talked to my girlfriend about it. But I can’t with other people in my life. I don’t want to in fear of being called weak.”

9. Good friends.

“The steadfastness and loyalty of male friendship.

Seems more solid.”

10. Strong women.

“I have a lot of female friends, and they are incredibly resilient, both physically and emotionally.

I really admire that.”

11. That sucks.

“The ability to take your own kid to the playground without being stared at, condescending to or ostracized.

Its either: “Look at Mr Mom. Babysitting today?”; or stared at like I’m a creeper, and having people keep an eye on me the entire time I’m there.”

12. A lot of hassle.

“Men’s reproductive organs don’t create chronic pain as a byproduct of them functioning normally. Must be nice.

And frankly, all of the other hassle that goes with it, too.”

13. Piece of cake.

“Men can dress for comfort and function and no one questions it.

It’s so much easier to dress professionally as a man.”

14. Ugh.

“Not having to choose between periods or birth controls that change us so much, even our sense of smell changes.”

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