You have a weird flex, don’t you?

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But before we hear about yours, let’s see what AskReddit users said about this.

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1. Look at you!

“I have dextrocardia. As in, my heart is on the right-hand side of my chest.

My heart defects all fall under an even rarer condition called CHARGE Syndrome (CHARGE is an acronym for different health complications). CHARGE is so rare that I was like the third-known case of its kind on the whole island when I was born.

I’m a popular “you’ll never see this again in your career” examination subject with student doctors and that.”

2. Brick!

“I’ve been booed by 10,000 people at once.

I know athletes and celebrities have been booed by more people, but I’m neither. I was randomly picked out of the crowd at an NBA game to attempt a 3-point shot, to win everyone a free pizza.

I bricked it.”

3. On demand.

“I can get rid of hiccups on demand.

Like without fail if I have hiccups I can just think about it and they go.”

4. Ouch.

“Kyle Gas of Tenacious D accidentally punched me in the teeth with a microphone.

He was performing with his personal band, covering a Boston song, and was jumping around the audience.

When the chorus came on, he shoved the microphone in my face, but I leaned forward at the same time to sing it and he smacked me in the teeth accidentally. He was so startled that he pulled the mic back and said “sorry!” into it.

My teeth are fine, it was just hilarious.”

5. That’s unusual.

“I have a blue mole.

Everyone thinks it’s blue highlighter that I somehow got on my forehead.”

6. What’s cookin’?

“My husband says my Japanese home cooking is better than his grandma’s.

The key is I don’t put sugar in it.”

7. Wish I could do this.

“I can tell myself what time I need to wake up and I will awaken within 1 minute of that time without an alarm.”

8. Three-time winner.

“I have won a little company award at the theme park I work at.

For my barista skills.

Three times.”

9. Brutal!

“A tree fell on me in 2021 and broke all my ribs, my spine, and popped both my lungs.

I dragged myself out and survived long enough slowly drowning in my own blood (and internally bleeding out) to be found and get airlifted to a trauma ward.

So I got almost as much metal grafted to my bones as wolverine though I don’t flex much because I got so much metal making me rather stiff and rigid.”

10. Good for you.

“D**nk with my FIL at my 40th and we both ended up taking a p**s in the garden.

He told me that I had a “very good stream”, and I’ve worn that badge with pride ever since.”

11. You…licked it…?

“Back in 2013 I went to go see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway.

My family knew a guy in the cast and he was able to let us go backstage for a tour. He took us to go on the stage and the chandelier was on the stage.

I saw my opportunity, I licked it. Don’t know if there is anyone else who can say they licked the chandelier.”

12. Pretty cool.

“I had to take an IQ test when I was being evaluated for ADHD and apparently I am in the 99th percentile in spatial reasoning.

I can’t do math or talk good but I can pack the hell out of a suitcase!”

13. Wow.

“I survived 9 heart attacks, before I turned 40.

Have 4 stints following 3 angiograms and 1 open heart surgery with vein transfer…that failed..been in heart failure status for a year. But honestly I am healthier then i was a year ago.

A year ago couldn’t walk half a mile. Now can walk 3 miles without issue. Even survived covid this year after 2 years of isolating.”

14. Are you a robot?

“I’m American but can eyeball a space or item length using the metric system with scary accuracy.

My coworkers wondered if I was a robot at times.”

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