You don’t think about it too much when you’re growing, up but every family out there has sayings that are unique to their little clan.

It’s kind of like speaking in code, or something.

And if you’re on the outside, you don’t really get treated to these gems. But we’re gonna change that today! Because these AskReddit users all went on the record and shared the unique sayings they grew up with.

Let’s take a look!

1. Good one!

“My mom would always say “don’t think about penguins!” when we got hurt.

And we would obviously and immediately start thinking about penguins and why we shouldn’t be thinking about them, and we would stop crying.”

2. You’re gonna like it.

“When I’d ask my mom what was for dinner, one of her favorite responses used to be, “Air pie and wind pudding.”

Never heard anyone else in my life say this.”

3. Good ol’ Mom.

“Anytime I’d ask my mom where she was going she’d shout, “Crazy! Want to go with me?”

Also, if you asked her to make you a sandwich she’d always say “Poof! You’re a sandwich!””

4. Family tradition.

“Growing up, my working-class English mum used to cheerfully call me Lizzie from the Boneyard, especially if I was being sort of grubby or rascally.

My name is not Elizabeth. One day I finally asked her why she called me that. She wondered for a minute and said “I don’t know, it’s what my mum used to call me.”

One day we visited grandma in the home, and asked her why she used to call my mum – Sue – Lizzie from the Boneyard.

“I don’t know,” said Grandma, whose name was Brenda. “It’s what my mum used to call me!””

5. Was it really a thing?

““Whoa Jackson!” was something my dad always said.

He swore it was a thing in the 70’s.

My mom would always shake her head behind him and mouth, “it was never a thing.””

6. Uh oh!

“I’m going to start drinking, and I don’t mean Diet Coke!

My mom when she was angry.”

7. Never heard that one.

“My nan and mum would always say “you’re nosey for a cabbage” when I would try to ask about stuff that wasn’t my business.

Not sure if it’s unique to us but I’ve never heard anyone else say it.”

8. What does it mean?

“One I still don’t understand is “What are you doing? Posing for animal crackers?”

I mean, I understood the meaning but the reference was beyond me. Basically when I was standing around during work and not doing anything.

Dad had a lot of weird ones.”

9. Not a good thing.

“”She’s got an *ss like a harvest frog.”

From my Irish Grandad.

I still don’t know what it means, though I do know it wasn’t a compliment”

10. Capital F.

“My dad always used “it’s broke with a capital F”.

His way of saying “it’s completely f*cked” but without swearing in front of us as kids.”

11. Here we go!

“When pulling out of the driveway for a trip:

“And we’re off, like a heard of turtles!””

12. Trust me on this one.

“Whenever I didn’t like something, my dad would say, “Well it likes you. It called the other day and said so”.

It could be anything: broccoli, a hamburger, the neighbor’s cat. Whatever I didn’t like or want to try, he had always gotten a call.”

13. Sucked up.

“My dad doesn’t swear so he always uses the word “suck”.

“What the suck is going on here?”

“You’re all sucked up”

It would always make me and my friends laugh.”

14. Pretty good.

“Mom: You’d never notice on a galloping horse.

It means no one really looks closely at you.”

Does your family have any unique sayings that are special only to you guys?

If so, please share them with us in the comments.

Please and thank you!