We have a serious question we need to ask you today that requires your immediate and undivided attention…

So we need you to listen up, okay?

Are you ready to get your laugh on?!?!

I mean, are you ready to see some hilarious tweets that are guaranteed to make you laugh or you get your money back?

Well, you happen to be in the right place!

Because we’ve got a handful of tweets here that are totally and unabashedly hilarious.

So what do you say we dive headfirst into some funny tweets?!?!

Start now!

1. You’re gonna get hurt up there!

They’ll never learn, will they…?

2. Poor guy.

He never saw it coming…

3. A real jokester, isn’t he?

You have a comedian in your house!

4. Turn it off!

You’re upset, aren’t you?

5. Oh, sorry about that…

Won’t happen again!

6. Yes, I did change.

And this is how I did it.

7. Something to think about.

I think he’s right…

8. You can’t unsee that.

It’s just weird!

9. That’s all it took.

This is good to know…

10. You’ve really changed.

Remember the old days?

11. I think she would love that!

It’s a classy move.

12. This is very true.

Just fall asleep!

13. This is what he should call his next album.

It’ll be a big hit!

14. That’s what I’m paying you for…

So, what do you have to say…?

Now it’s your turn.

We want YOU to make US laugh.

Do you think you can handle that action?

Share some funny tweets with us in the comments.

Thanks in advance!