I live in Chicago, and when anyone comes to visit, my favorite “tourist” thing to do is go on the Architecture Boat Tour.

It’s really incredible hearing the stories of how the buildings of this sprawling, towering city came to be, and to experience them at such a close scale.

It’s a similar kind of wonder to what I feel just scrolling through the corners of Reddit devoted to admiring his craft. Let’s look at some now, shall we?

15. Albania

That would be an incredible place to live.

Semi-destroyed in 1979 by the earthquake in Albania. Rebuilt two years ago. Photo [2659×3545]
byu/Mrizi-i-Zanave inArchitecturePorn

14. Kazan, Russia

Ironic that a tree should be made of steel.

The Russian Ministry of Agriculture, in Kazan. [564 × 845].
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13. Mexico City

Such an enormous brightness to it!

The Art Nouveau ‘Gran Hotel Ciudad de México’, 1899, by French architect, Jacques Grüber
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12. Czech Republic

As tree fates go, I’d say this one kinda won the lottery.

This spiral staircase carved from a single tree in 1851 – located in Lednice Castle, Czech Republic
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11. Bangkok

I certainly feel more enlightened just looking at it, thank you.

Pavillion of the Enlightened, Bangkok [1242×1544]
byu/monomotive inArchitecturePorn

10. Chengdu, China

I think the most mind-blowing part about this is that there’s still such a thing as a bookstore.

Zhongshuge bookstore in Chengdu, China
by inArchitecturePorn

9. Italy

You can almost feel it moving.

A spiral staircase designed by Leonardo da Vinci in the year 1516
byu/Rusty_Crank inArchitecturePorn

8. Kansas City, Missouri

Hey, that’s my hometown! Represent!

The Kansas City Public Library
byu/rockystl inArchitecturePorn

7. London

Step right into history and enjoy.

Natural History Museum, London [720 x 900]
byu/chriscambridge inArchitecturePorn

6. Vietnam

You’re in good hands now.

Vietnam’s Golden Bridge
byu/Ryan8088 inArchitecturePorn

5. Budapest, Hungary

You da best, Budapest.

Budapest Hungary
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4. Seattle, Washington

Quirky as you’d expect it to be.

Early 1900’s Craftsman Home in Seattle
byu/rockystl inArchitecturePorn

3. Tel Aviv, Israel

So modern and yet so timeless.

This Apartment Building In Tel Aviv, Israel
byu/mtlgrems inArchitecturePorn

2. Brussels, Belgium

The definition of cozy.

House in art nouveau style, Brussels, Belgium
byu/beejeezP0P inArchitecturePorn

1. Isfahan, Iran

Nothing to do but look up in wonder.

The ceiling of the Shah mosque in Isfahan, Iran.
byu/Fuckoff555 inArchitecturePorn


There’s an awful lot of work and talent out there. It’s nice to sit back and appreciate it sometimes.

What’s your favorite building to visit?

Tell us in the comments.