The truth is, we get gouged for things all the time. We get offered up pretty rotten deals on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, it’s often from big and powerful entities, so it feels like less of a rip off and more of just how life goes.

But when you scale it down to, say, some jerk demanding free stuff from you on the internet, it’s a little easier to see how this choosing beggar syndrome works.

15. Christmas magic

The “think of the children” ploy is WAY more common than you’d think.

14. No it’s an honor

This artist is being way more patient than I would be.

13. Out of the blue

“I know we haven’t spoken in years but give me a bunch of money right now.”

12. Very dependable

I’m really hoping that whatever job this is has nothing to do with mayonnaise.

11. “That’s for poor people.”

Yeah man, it is, and it’s what you can afford.
You’re poor, stop being snooty.

10. Lmao

Well ok then.

9. The low-baller

Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe they’re a time traveller from 1912 and $2 is a significant amount of money.

8. I don’t normally do this…

The modern economy is very weird.

7. Work/life balance

The thing to note here is that even though this artist is in the depths of their busy season, they’re still probably not making all that much when you consider the time put in.

6. Something pricey something nicey

I cannot imagine the financial pressure of being expected to buy a very expensive pre-pre-ring.

5. Getting away with it

It is so hard to get a read on this guy.

4. Going down

Ya’ll this is NOT how negotiation works.

3. Cheap a**

I cannot fathom how the person offering the service in this context is being labeled cheap.

2. Do it free

That’s about $14 American at the time of writing and it’s an absolute steal for a nice bit of graphic design.

1. Ohhhhh noooooo

“Think of the children” strikes again.

Alright, I need a break before I get too mad.

What’s the worst deal you’ve ever been a part of?

Tell us about it in the comments.