In the United States there are roughly 380,000 churches.

To put that into perspective for you, that’s about one church per 800 people. It’s 27 times the number of McDonald’s locations, and those things are everywhere.

So, how do you make your church stand out among the crowd? Easy. You come up with a funny sign and let the internet do the rest.

15. Hot and cold

It’s even hotter than the bad place out here.

Sign at local church from funny

14. East and west

I didn’t know such a level of affection was even possible.

This sign at my local church from funny

13. A clean start

It’s not in the original Bible but it’s in the extended cut.

This sign a local church put up. from funny

12. A balanced diet

Thank you.

This has to be the best church sign I’ve ever seen. from funny

11. No cheating

Ok, not gonna lie, it took me a second.

This church sign is going hard on the puns from funny

10. Buzz off

“Hey God, are we totally sure we need these things?”

My personal favorite church sign. And I agree. from funny

9. Let the rain fall

That’s enough blessings for now, thanks.

Sign at a church in Colorado from funny

8. Spot heroes

And this commandment is to be held above all else.

Sign at a church in Salem, MA from funny

7. Now you see me…

…now you don’t.

The Sign Outside a Church in my Town from funny

6. Closer to thee, Oh Lord

BRB, heading to Heaven.

Never thought I’d see one, but the church sign near my house made me laugh hard today! from funny

5. Cut to the chase

I shouldn’t have to sell this to you.

Church sign guy hates his job from funny

4. The golden ratio

It’s actually not a bad bit of advice.

This church sign in CC, TX is winning the sign game. from funny

3. Grace under fire

This is so cringey it loops back around to funny.

A church sign in my home town… from funny

2. Oh God

Well, that’s a spicy take for a church.

The sign in front of my friends church … is doing it right! from funny

1. Special perks

I’m in, you win, I’m done with heat and sin.

Church signs in Phoenix. from funny

Pretty good. Almost makes me wanna start going back to church.

What’s the funniest sign you’ve seen recently?

Tell us about it in the comments.

Thanks, fam!