Sometimes it seems like the internet is the darkest of places.

First world problems, I know, but it’s an innovation that isn’t always used for the best purposes.

And of course by “the best purposes” I mean solving world problems and also making people laugh.

We can’t all save the world, but we definitely all need more laughs.

Here are a selection of my favorite pictures on the internet, for when you need a giggle.

1. I wish I was this clever

Because god knows I love a pun.

It’s the Fennel countdown
byu/Mainemannak inPunny

2. Youths. They’re too snarky for their own good

But if this year’s Olympics don’t make every little girl want to skateboard then I don’t know what.

3. This one legit made me LOL so hard

Like, so hard I couldn’t read it to the people wondering why I was losing it.

4. Totally fair — spelling lasagna is hard enough

But did you know that the plural is lasagne, and that’s the common spelling in the UK?!

5. It feels like they were made for each other

Same sense of humor.

byu/calpol55 incomedyheaven

6. As euphemisms go, this is one of the best

I think we should add it to the lexicon for real.


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7. That’s… honestly… mind blowing

I can totally see it! Can you?

8. Look, avocado is a super food

You gotta do, what you gotta do. Fiber is life!

9. Tough but fair

It makes me want to change my handle to Giuseppe just to mess with the OP.

byu/Cytogic inme_irl

10. Because really, who doesn’t love soup?

It’s the perfect comfort food for every occasion.

11. Poor Andrea. That’s quite an offer!

If the beans are Cuban black beans, I’m in. I’ll be Andrea.

byu/swiggybaby incomedyheaven

12. I have so very many questions

But also, hello there friend.

13. OK, well done H&R Block

But who is messing with whom?

14. Teehee. We have to laugh

Otherwise we might actually cry, at least about Covid.

by incomedyheaven

15. Me. Every single day

Thank goodness for Otterbox cases, am I right?

I hope those gave you a bit of a chuckle just like they did for me.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen on the internet lately? Share it in the comments.