We live in a consumer culture, and as such, we’re constantly being bombarded by ads for products and companies.

It gets to the point where you hardly notice it anymore. How can advertisers manage to stand out?

One solution might be to actually be honest with your slogans. Like these suggestions:

15. Markers

We don’t condone this, but…we get it.

14. Cards Against Humanity

Go too far and lose your friends.

13. Crayola Crayons

Why even waste the wax?

12. The Sims

Now YOU can be a vengeful God too.

11. Paper Towels

For when you really REALLY don’t feel like doing dishes.

10. Etch-a-Sketch

How these things ever got popular when pencil and paper exist is beyond me.

9. Axe

But…but the commercials said…

8. Monopoly

A game designed to show the flaws in capitalism will reveal the flaws in your family.

7. Purell

Who’s got time for 20 whole seconds?

6. Halls

I’m sick…of not tasting something delicious.

5. Febreze

The lazy man’s laundry.

4. Dirt Devil

Create trust issues with your dog that will never heal.

3. Old Spice

You don’t know HOW old, sister.

2. Tic Tac

Make sure you shake ’em around for no reason first.

1. Slinky

Literally seconds of fun.

I don’t know about you, but I smell a premise for a Mad Men reboot.

If you had a personal honest slogan, what would it be?

Tell us in the comments.