Have you had a crappy day? Sorry to hear that. You know what always makes me feel better? Like, ALWAYS always? Memes.

Why don’t you enjoy some memes with me now? That way we’ll both feel better.

15. Duck duck gone

I’m on the edge…of glory…

14. In a word

Also I’m very hard to pronounce.

13. Brown town

Ignore the fact that I’m lying next to the street.

12. Mind readers

Could you sell me something that makes me feel way less creeped out by you?

11. The devil inside

Ok but both of these pictures are super disturbing to me.

10. Once again

And they don’t even have good snacks there.

9. Early to bed

I’m tryin’ to get me some of that healthy, wealthy, and wise action.

8. Represent

It’s time for the airing of the grievances.

7. Shut in

I guess I didn’t mean PEOPLE people.

6. Liquid appreciation

There must be some other arrangement we could come to.

5. Filler material

I’m also an oxygen consumer, does that count for something?

4. Raise the roof

Just leave me here, this is the end of my road.

3. The waiting game

Maybe I don’t even need an income…

2. Sneak attack

And leave myself vulnerable to the army of monsters that still stalk me as an adult? I think not.

1. Walk it out

He’s either getting some hot gossip or going through a divorce.

I don’t know about you, but I feel a lot better. Behold the healing power of memes.

What always makes your day a little better?

Tell us in the comments.