Remember the 80’s? I don’t. Not personally.

I was born in 1989, so, while I can technically claim to be a child of the decade, I won’t out of respect for those who truly experienced it. Growing up in the 90’s, though, there was a lot of holdover from 80’s culture. It lingered in the films and the looks and the general feel of life.

It’s a time that still fascinates me, and seems to bring up pretty much nothing but feelings of joy for people who saw the decade through.

Here are fifteen memes we think you’ll especially appreciated if you love the 80’s.

15. The great battle

“I am your father. Literally. That’s how generations work.”


14. Party hard

Literally just suffocating in a cloud of toxic fumes and loving it.


13. The breakfast club

This except you’re making the rest of us have to stay in detention too. So thanks for that.



Yeah your mom would get so bad though.


11. Picture perfect

Call it a bit of early photoshopping.


10. Pee-Wee’s Playhouse

How is this man a real thing?


9. Avoid the noid

If this doesn’t make sense to you now, don’t worry, it didn’t make sense back then either.


8. An excellent adventure

I heard the new one is really good!


7. Back to the Anytime

Maybe my favorite trilogy of all time.


6. Safety first

It took us just a liiiiiittle too long to realize that we should maybe stop making everything out of searing hot metal.


5. The Oregon Trail

This game made me grow up with a pretty exaggerated fear of diarrhea-related death.


4. Silly putty

And then you showed them to your dad and he was like “why?” Great times.


3. Atari

There were dozens of pixels. Dozens!


2. I scream

And it was still somehow incredibly exciting.


1. Bike stunts

We were out there acting like hospital bills weren’t even a thing.


Aaaand quick before we all realize that the “future” year they traveled to in Back to the Future happened half a decade ago, I’ll wrap things up.

What’s your favorite thing from the 80’s?

Tell us in the comments.