Ah, the wedding day. The big magical time for you and your spouse, the day you’ll never forget.

No matter how hard you might try.

It is a day frequently immortalized by photographs, often very expensive ones, but some caught off-the-cuff. Of the endless supply that’s out there, though, only a few rise to the top to become internet legends that get spread far and wide to the rest of us.

Here are some of those, thanks to Imgur/Reddit.

15. Best in the world

I’d rather have a bottle in front’a me than a frontal lobotomy.

Best. Wedding. Photo. Ever.

14. You’re outta here

“At our wedding an usher had a rude girlfriend who wanted to be in the middle of pictures (dressed in white!) I got upset but my photographer said ‘I’ll fix it later don’t worry!'”

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13. Potato, potato

Ironically this had to cost way more than just a normal invite.

My best friend finally mailed me an invitation to his wedding.

12. The summoning circle

Um. You good, kid?

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11. What happens in Vegas

Will haunt you forever.

My uncle’s wedding in Las Vegas, streamed live on the internet. from trashy

10. Loving gift

This reminds me of when televangelists offer terrible gifts in exchange for “love offerings” to get around taxing their stupid merchandise.

I was told this wedding invitation should be under trashy. from trashy

9. Carry me home

When they talk about the threshold, I’m not sure that’s what they mean.

Every girls dream is to be carried on her wedding night. from trashy

8. Here comes the somebody

This is like the one unforgivable sin of wedding attire, how do people keep doing this?

That woman on the left is not the bride… from weddingshaming

7. Keep it classy

I mean, I’ll give ’em this, it’s a brilliant cost-saving measure.

Wasn’t expecting to see a wedding when I stopped at Wal*Mart this weekend… from trashy

6. Hiding in plain sight

Look, to each their own, but there’s something that hits me weird about hiding from would-be assassins as a form of romance.

Has anyone seen the bride? I can’t find her. from weddingshaming

5. So stinking happy

I see what you did there.

Autocorrect? from weddingshaming

4. Once again


You’re probably wondering why this is shame worthy. Well how do you feel now that you know she was ***NOT*** the bride from weddingshaming

3. MRPA?

It doesn’t quite roll off the tongue.

The Russian equivalent of the MAGA wedding from weddingshaming

2. How cute

But how am I gonna look good for a photo if I’m preventing a plague? Priorities, man.

When the toppers on your toilet paper cake have masks, but none of your guests do. from weddingshaming

1. Caught him

I’m not here to kinkshame, but maybe keep this in the bedroom. And yes, that’s motherf**king Carole Baskin.

Great wedding photos.. from weddingshaming

I can only hope my big day is half as classy.

What’s the weirdest wedding you’ve ever experienced?

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