God, I have a favor to ask of you

I don’t ask for much, but can you make those high-waisted jeans that have made a comeback go away forever?

Thank you! I’ll talk to you again soon!

Oh, sorry, I got distracted there.

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about the fads that they’re glad are gone.

Take a look!

1. Was it, though?

“The overuse of the word epic.

For a while, everything was epic.


2. YOLO.

“YOLO culture

Not like the YOLO where you take a vacation that you’ve always wanted, but doing stupid s**t because “YOLO”.”

3. Weird.


It was big here and I never understood the trend.

Weird fabric with ugly patterns.”

4. Creepy stuff.

“The f**king Clowns standing in the middle of the street or in the woods.

Glad that s**t is over.”

5. Hmmmm…

“Teenage boys wearing their basketball shorts so low that their butts literally hung out the back.

Had a couple of geniuses at my school that avoided the wrath of the teachers by wearing three pairs of basketball shorts layered in various stages of pulled-down-ness, so they could still get their low pants vibe without showing everyone their undies.

Looked more ridiculous than the original iteration.”

6. I remember…

“A**holes filming themselves and friends in grocery stores pretending to slip and throwing gallons of milk in the air.”

7. They were everywhere.

“Moustache finger tattoos.

As someone who worked as a tattooer when this was the s**t I gotta say.. .. it sucked!

It sucked doing it, it sucked having to do a touch up after a couple of weeks for free. It sucked having to LaUgH with the cRaZy clients…

So nowadays I tell people to stay clear of “funny” tattoos since humor is something that should be fresh. A joke won’t get funnier the more times you tell it.”

8. LOL.

“Ed Hardy shirt.

How else will we know who pays is supposed to pay child support?”

9. Either/or.

“Low fat or no fat everything.

I didn’t know yogurt could taste so good and I thought everyone cooked with light oil spray, thanks Mom.”

10. Viral kids.

“Devious licks, or people (primarily teenagers) filming themselves stealing things, mainly from their schools.

People would take things like hand dryers, sinks, water fountains, bathroom stall doors, projectors, and virtually anything else they could carry and run home to tell the TikTok world that they are a thief.”

11. There was no escape.

“Those rubber Livestrong style brackets.

They had a different colour for everything.”

12. Why did it exist?

“Toddlers and Tiaras.

Shouldn’t have been a thing in the first place.”

13. What a concept!

“Those jelly shoes.

No matter what style, just sweaty feet and insane blisters.”

14. Overdone.

“Kale in EVERY FOOD for “health”.

I am mildly allergic and it causes my entire mouth and throat it itch as if I have eaten a cactus…

Even fast food was adding “healthy kale” to their salads and sandwiches…!”

15. Enough!

“3D TVs/movies.

It was something no one ever asked for before it was basically forced on you.”

What fads are you glad are gone now?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know.

We look forward to it!