I shop at Walmart sometimes because it’s close to my house and it’s cheap but man…that place is depressing, sad, and crazy all wrapped up into one.

I even have a friend who describes all Walmarts as “Hell on Earth”.

I think he might be on to something…

What kind of person can you find at every Walmart?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. Where are they?!?!

“Middle aged men in dire need of watch batteries, either wandering around confused on where to find them or infuriated because we don’t carry them anymore.”

2. Classy.

“The mother in Daisy Dukes threatening to beat up her kids.

I think I have seen that type almost every time I walked in.”

3. Why are you still in Reverse?

“That person who’s always backing up in the scooter so it keeps making a beeping noise like it’s a godd**n semi.”

4. I love this country.

“500 lb guy in a shirt with the sleeves cut off and a HUGE bald eagle in front of an American flag on the front and “Trump 2020” on the back.

Obviously no mask because that’s just libb’rul propaganda and his really skinny wife in cut off shorts that are way too short but are still baggy on her twig legs, and their unmasked kids, one with a Mohawk and a Fortnite shirt. He’s 7.”

5. You’ve seen it.

“The lady pushing a shopping cart just rammed with soda and junk food, wearing clothes at least two sizes too small.”

6. Yikes.

“Man with less than 5 teeth.

Crying toddlers there past 10 pm

Couple buying nothing but soda and chips towing 4 kids in cart while fighting about god knows what.

Guy with face tattoos and wife beater shirt.”

7. Parents of the year.

“A baby under-dressed for weather 25 degrees warmer than it actually is with parents who are dressed for the actual weather.”

8. Ouch.

“Someone working for minimum wage, on food stamps, no health insurance, barely making ends meet but Walmart won’t give them a raise or more hours.”

9. Might take a while.

“1 cashier. Just 1 and 49 closed checkout lanes.

And the cashier is 90 years old and deaf and legally blind.”

10. Sounds scary.

“You should go in there in the middle of the night sometime!

Speed freaks in one aisle, nodders trying to self-scan in another. D**nks trying to maneuver around all the boxes in the middle while they’re stocking.

I’ve seen some scary s**t in the parking lot too.”

11. Oh, Karen.

“Karen returning merchandise that she used for some purpose, knowing in advance that she was basically doing it as a free rental.”

12. Not having fun.

“An unenthused, young cashier who appears to have put minimal effort into their appearance, and can’t seem to wait to get the hell outta there.”

13. This is true.

“The boomer vet and his wife displaying their blind nationalism for USA!!!!! “I love USA” tracksuit, new balance gym shoes, vet hat, members only jacket, grey/white hair, the wife in her typical grandma updo, walking slow yet with good ol usa pride, having god bumper stickers, usa flag or sticker, maybe a quirky patriotic/god combo bumper sticker.

And they cant drive for s**t.”

What kind of person do you see at every Walmart?

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