Life is short…so you might as well try to do as many different things as you can, right?

You know that’s the truth!

And, with that, let’s hear from AskReddit users about what they think everyone should experience once in their lives.

1. Satisfaction.

“Contentment and security.

Not necessarily full happiness, but satisfaction in your own life, and safety within it.

Something that a great many of us don’t actually have.”

2. Up in the sky.

“Seeing a starry night sky, no clouds, no light pollution, just a beautiful night sky.

Or better yet, the Northern Lights.”

3. It’s rare.

“Reading a book so good you can’t fall asleep without reading a new chapter, and to feel slightly sad when you finish it.”

4. Peaceful.

“The sound of it snowing.

I laid on the ground, in the snow at night in the Alaskan wilderness, in December, it’s so peaceful.”

5. Amazing.

“Seeing the ocean up close.

I took a friend to see the ocean for the first time, something I had seen regularly since I was a child.

He was awestruck and we just sat there watching for about an hour.”

6. The joy of travel.

“Everyone should experience the joys of traveling to a foreign land at least once in their lifetime, even if it’s just to realize how much they love their own toilet.

Imagine discovering new cultures, cuisines, and the thrill of trying to communicate with locals using just charades and a phrasebook.

Trust me, it’s a life-changing experience that’ll give you a new appreciation for your home and a k**ler accent to boot.”

7. Freedom.

“Full financial independence, while being single.

You can pay your own bills, you have your own place, and you have full freedom over your free time. Whether it’s staying in and binge watching Netflix, or going out and sitting amongst strangers.

Your time is your own. No kids. No spouse or significant other. I find this is when you really get to know and understand yourself.”

8. Life-changing.

“Witnessing a total solar eclipse

Totally life changing.

Even having a full understanding of what is happening, I totally get how people over the millennia would find this to be an omen from the gods.”

9. Lucky to be here.

“Gratitude for being alive.

And I don’t mean it like after a near d**th experience. I’m talking about the epiphany you get doing the simplest task or after a bad day.

The sudden realization of being alive and be able to feel however you’re feeling at the moment is something everyone should experience and be grateful of.”

10. A small victory.

“Getting to baggage claim and having your bag come out first.

The small but mighty micro victory.”

11. Unplugged.

“Being well and absolutely disconnected. No phones, no GPS.

I last had that experience in the early ’90s.

Being somewhere with someone you trust and the two of you are the only people who know where you are and what you are doing.”

12. Interesting.

“I have a weird one….when someone is in hospice and needs 24-hour care, if possible, take them into your home, learn all you can about what to do so you don’t need hospice coming out whenever something comes up.

We did this for my mother as she died of pancreatic cancer back in 2010 and my kids (6 and 9 at the time) got to see and experience a loved one’s d**th. They saw it wasn’t scary or anything to be afraid of. They learned the true meaning of compassion, love, humility, and respect.

I consider it an honor and a privilege to have taken care of my mom while she was on her d**th bed.”

13. Good stuff.

“A dance without thinking about others

A moment of spiritual peace such that time goes unnoticed

A book that you like so much that you finish it in a few hours

A deep, spontaneous conversation with a stranger that makes you revaluate your choices

A beer with a friend you haven’t seen in years

A moment with your mom where she tells you how it was when she was young

A moment with your dad where he tells you he loves you

An unexpected smile from someone in the street that makes you smile back when you were having a bad day

A challenging situation that you handle, making you feel strong and capable.”

14. Beauty.

“Seeing the view from a mountain peak.

People always talk about how ugly the world is, but I think these two things really remind you of how beautiful earth is too.”

15. That’s nice.

“A loving and supportive group of humans.

I’ve been part of a community choir for the last year and a few of us make a habit of going out for drinks after rehearsal. I’ve skipped several of our last outings because I’ve been struggling with depression and social anxiety, with my brain telling me things like I’m not part of this social circle and I don’t belong here.

We had our concert for the season over the last weekend, and I decided to force myself to go out with the group afterwards; all those negative thoughts disappeared once I sat down with the group and started having real conversations with people!

For the first time I felt like I was actually forming some connections with everyone there (yes, after a year). One of them is happy to come sit next to me and give me those comfort shoulder squeezes while making conversation, and I’m finding connections forming with several others. I feel so lucky to have some friends in my life again.”

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