Personally, I’ve never met a dog who seemed particularly picky. Not even about food.

In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever met a dog who was not full-on, b**ls to the walls THRILLED to be eating the exact same bowl of dry food he’d been getting every single day for his entire existence.

They’re really not that difficult to please, is the point. So one might well wonder why a company like Home Concept, which is based in Russia, might offer an entire array of pet beds that are way, way too expensive.

What animal is impressed by these? How is this a thing? Look at these prices (converted to USD.)

(Also I made up all the names because I don’t speak Russian, and I named all the pet models because I like fun.)

15. The Woofer Couch – $1,384

This is Woofer, he is currently looking at a much cheaper box he’d like to lay on.

14. Her Highness’ Throne – $945

This is Patricia and she did not invite you here.

13. The Sacred Temple – $647

Mr. Beans will see you when you’ve reached enlightenment.

12. The Trusted Circle – $1,223

I didn’t catch this dog’s name because he’s on too many drugs.

11. The Simple Pleasures – $878

His name is probably Lucas or something, I just know it.

10. The Chomp – $735

Old Man Edgar does not care for this tomfoolery. Neither do the Kitten Gang.

9. The One That’s Haunted – $945

Here, Sgt. Peppers demonstrates what your dog will be doing five minutes after you buy this thing.

8. Royalty – $225

I think these are just two of the actual Kings of England.

7. The Stretch Pad – $918

Oh dang it’s Patricia again and she’s getting angry.

6. Rolley Boy – $1,347

This is doing Buster here a heckin’ concern.

5. My Place – $510

Wait, which one is the cushion?

4. A Sandbox – $538

No pet models would accept this gig.

3. Livin’ Leather – $1,149

Charlie has no idea what he’s doing here today but he’s happy to be a part of things.

2. Pride and Joy – $878

Curly is amused.

1. Running on Empty – $1,326

This one is actually just for humans who hate both having money and going to sleep.

Ah, to live as a rich dog.

Would you actually consider buying any of these? Why or why not?

Tell us in the comments.