Did you know that Betty White is older than sliced bread?

It’s true. Kinda. Obviously for as long as we’ve had bread and sharp things we’ve been cutting it, but commercially available pre-sliced bread didn’t come around until 1928.

Betty White was born in 1922.

What’s older than we think ?
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1. Beer

Beer is thought to be older than bread.

It’s much easier to fill a jar with wheat and water, let it ferment, and brew beer than it is to grind grain, mix it, and bake it.

– 4dseeall

2. Oxford University

I was really surprised to discover when Oxford university was founded.

They don’t know the year for sure, but they know there was definitely teaching going on there in 1096.

– princess_mothership

3. Central heating

The ancient Romans (well, the wealthy ones) had central heating in their homes.

You can actually still see the pipes in some of the buildings at Herculaneum!

– jazzman0116

4. Light

It may only take 8 minutes for light to travel to earth from surface of the sun, but the light bounces around inside the sun for over 10000 years before it reaches the surface.

– sorenriise

5. Social media

wealthy ancient Romans had a system where they used slaves as scribes and messengers in order to share gossip and art/poetry and news updates with friends in their social circle

– VictorBlimpmuscle

6. Our law

Roman law was so advanced that there are still large chunks of statutes (in civil law countries) taken pretty much directly from Roman codici written 1500-2000 years ago.

Important maritime laws are adaptations of medieval provisions.

Lots of business law statutes borrow heavily from Napoleonic laws.

In common law countries, you find stuff like the Statute of Marlborough from the 1200s, still in effect. Along with still relevant case law from the 1700s.

– rtozur

7. Plumbing

The wealthiest of the ancient Minoans had very close to modern day plumbing.

The entire Minoan culture is really fascinating, not to mention their poor choice of clothing lol

– Bob_from_RnD

8. Lil Jon

While in college I discovered that my ol trusty pregame hypeman was born the same year as my dad. (I’m 30, for scale.)

Suddenly, snap yo fingers meant arthritic relief. The outlined struggles with dementia in out of your mind. Shots! of Metamucil. Turn down for, *cups ear* .. WHATTT??!!

– pleenis

9. Cardboard

Cardboard has been around since colonial times at least.

I learned this at the book makers shop in colonial Williamsburg a few years ago.

Totally blew my mind.

– LadyShanna92

10. Black Betty

The song black Betty by ram jam used to be a marching song in the revolutionary war and black bettys were muskets of course the lyrics did change a bit but it’s still pretty cool that we’re rocking out to songs created by people hundreds of years ago

– Background_Gene_3657

11. Retractable stadium roofs

The Colosseum had a version of this called a velarium, which was a large awning that could be used to cover the seating areas and was controlled through a series of pulleys.

The Colosseum also had rudimentary elevators, used mostly to transport wild animals and scenery pieces from the storage areas to the arena floor.

– TheEldritchHorror

12. Domesticated dogs

The relationship of humans living with dogs (or some kind of domesticated wolf creature) dates back over 15,000 years.

Some of the earliest known fossils of Homo sapiens are found with dog bones.

Essentially, the bond between man and dog goes back farther than we can even document.

– legionofnow1992

13. Sharks

Rings of Saturn are 10 to 100 million years old whereas we have found shark scales dating back 450 million years ago.

Pretty crazy s**t!

– Calfredie01

14. Fax machines

To put this in perspective, tumbleweeds aren’t native to the American southwest, but by a quirk of history we know exactly which shipment of flax from Ukraine brought their seeds to the US… in 1877.

Commercial fax service has been around longer than tumbleweeds in the American southwest.

– raygundan

15. Oreo

I was shocked to learn that Oreos predate chocolate chip cookies, sliced bread, and my 100 year old Great Grandmother.

– TheSilentShane

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