Autocorrect is a strange bit of coding built into just about every decide we use now. It’s meant to catch when we make little mistakes and use context clues to guess at what it was we meant to say.

But sometimes the clues it’s pulling don’t seem to have much to do with the rest of the text, or even the conversation, but perhaps some deeper part of ourselves. Is this program tapping into our subconscious to reveal our own thoughts to us?

Or is it just, yanno, programmed kinda bad?

Examine these Tweets and decide for yourself.

15. Button it up

Hey, it’s an insult that he’ll never forget. Mostly because it’s so confusing.

14. Upping the ante

Autocorrect was trying to save you from a weak insult game.

13. Enough for everyone

Hey, you’ll probably be pretty popular.

12. That escalated quickly

Not for nothin’ but you need to throw your entire phone into the nearest river immediately.

11. Gu

I tried looking this up in a dictionary and all I got was that it’s used as an abbreviation for “genitourinary” or “Guam.”

10. Inner peace

Well that’s one way to calm things down.

9. Duck and cover

Nobody talks like this, get real. Grow up.

8. Reverse, reverse!

Finally, we’ve truly bonded.

7. Not so loud

What are you, The Joker? Is batman gonna come fight my phone?

6. Nature vs nurture

Sounds like the two of you are doing great.

5. Shave and a haircut

Two bits more info than needed.

4. Borthday

Thanks for coming in where we need it most, friend.

3. Jomo jobo

Sounds like the villain character from a 2000’s Cartoon Network show.

2. Chivalry isn’t dead

And more importantly, neither is candy.

1. Monkey business

Spot on.

Ah yes, well done, computers.

Is autocorrect broken, or more insightful than we realize?

Give us your opinion in the comments.