It can be hard to break on through to the other side of success on social media these days, in large part to how incredibly saturated the market is.

Every time you open up Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, you’re bombarded with all kinds of creative types: writers, actors, models, musicians, and especially artists trying to get noticed.

Well, here’s one artist that we think you’re going to enjoy quite a bit. Their name is Twitter Picasso and they create illustrations of big-time celebrities that are so bad, they’re good…if you catch our drift.

We’re big fans of this artist and we think that you’re going to be, too. Let’s take a look at their work! Enjoy.

1. Here’s The Weeknd.

Any thoughts on this one?


2. A rendering of Travis Scott.

I’d say he did a bang-up job here.


3. Uh oh…Kanye will not be happy.

Time to lawyer up! Just in case…


4. This is kind of amazing.

Do you think John Legend will be offended?


5. Lady Gaga for the win!

Just like a real-life superhero!


6. Not too far off on Pete Davidson.

Nice work, pal.


7. That’s Pitbull, in case you were wondering.

Did the teeth give him away?


8. Da Baby with the big smile.

The pride of Charlotte, NC!


9. Post Malone is pretty much everywhere.

So you know Twitter Picasso had to take it on.


10. A unique representation of Billie Eilish.

Think she liked this one?


11. That’s Kylie Jenner right there.

Most likely pointing at herself…


12. DJ Khaled is now a penguin.

Just in case you were wondering.


Okay, now it’s YOUR turn to fill US in on something cool that we should check out.

In the comments, tell us about some cool people/artists/musicians, etc. that you like to follow on social media.

And share some links with us too, por favor!