Working in retail is no picnic.

You’re on your feet all day, cleaning up after people whose mama’s didn’t raise them right.

People take out their frustrations on you whether you deserve it or not.

And you’re just expected to take it, all for the low, low price of whatever minimum wage happens to be in your community.

These 15 people tell the truth about their customer service headaches.

1. Rules just get in your way when you’re on the clock

If the corners don’t make sense, you might as well cut them.

2. No one cares about your work-life balance

The company owns you. Simple as that.

3. They have no respect for your boundaries

They just take and take until your soul has been sucked dry.

4. But at least you have people to complain to

And they’re stuck there, just like you, so they have to listen.

5. Some people have no sense of humor

Which is a shame, since it makes everything so much more bearable.

6. But it’s okay, as long as there’s one place to hide

Do you have a signup sheet for private time in the freezer, or…?

7. Some people actually will try to make your job easier

And god bless those people, am I right?

8. The younger crowd appreciates how difficult it is

They’re just closer to it and understand what you go through.

9. Sometimes it pays off

It can be nice to actually have cash on hand.

10. Except when that cash has been overly handled

Honestly, these days, who wants to touch anything someone else has touched?

11. Especially when they wait to hand it too you just a bit too late

I’ve been on both sides of this equation. Oops. Sorry.

12. It’s almost a cliche when they demand to see your manager

Because I mean really, what’s that going to solve?

13. But the best is when they ask the wrong person

I WISH this was my manager.

14. The customer cannot handle the truth

Sometimes machines, and Brenda, are wrong.

15. But they should take your word for it

Because who’s going to know better than you?

It’s a tough gig, and that’s why these types of jobs often seem to be short-term and low paying.

Maybe if they all got a raise, people would feel like they got better service.

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