If you ask people to name all the architects they can think of, most will probably say “Frank Lloyd Wright, Jesus, and the aliens who made the pyramids.”

For whatever reason, we just don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the people who design the things we use every day. But occasionally, we come across a piece of architecture so stunning that it absolutely can’t be ignored.

That’s the kind of thing that gets rounded up on Reddit, and boy oh boy you should prepare to feast your eyes.

15. Northamptonshire, England

Could there be a more British sounding place than “Northamptonshire?”

19th century Italianate Orangery of the Castle Ashby House, Northamptonshire, East Midlands, England.
byu/ManiaforBeatles inArchitecturePorn

14. Samarkand, Uzbekistan

So detailed and beautiful.

The stunning Shah-i-Zinda necropolis in Samarkand, Uzbekistan
byu/Speech500 inArchitecturePorn

13. Seoul, South Korea

Oh I GOTTA know what kind of party is happening in there.

The entrance to a nightclub in Seoul, South Korea designed by MDRDV [1638×2048]
byu/hsndsomejsck inArchitecturePorn

12. Budapest, Hungary

You da best, Budapest.

Neo-gothic house in Budapest circa 1894.
byu/GronWorld inArchitecturePorn

11. Manchester, England

I need this place so I can solve mysteries out of it.

Mr Thomas’s Chop House. Manchester. Mills and Murgatroyd. 1901.
byu/Lord_Cornwallis_III inArchitecturePorn

10. Chicago, Illinois

That’s not too far from where I am right now!

Bucktown, Chicago / USA.
byu/Paul-Belgium inArchitecturePorn

9. Bavaria, Germany

It’s like something out of a fairy tale.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany.
byu/RemoteLostControl inArchitecturePorn

8. Cadiz, Spain

Well that absolutely rocks.

Setenil de las bodegas in Cadiz, Spain…
byu/juanralucard inArchitecturePorn

7. Dublin, Ireland

You can’ help but just zip your eyes all around it.

Trinity College, Dublin. Geology building designed by Thomas Deane and Benjamin Woodward
byu/Ashgenie inArchitecturePorn

6. Narino, Columbia

Just a little church on a hill, that’s all.

The National Shrine Basilica of Our Lady of Las Lajas in Nariño, Columbia
byu/j3ffr33d0m inArchitecturePorn

5. Quebec, Canada

Pretty impressive, eh?

Hotel in the city of Quebec, Canada ❤️
byu/juanralucard inArchitecturePorn

4. New Orleans, Louisiana

Nice, but straight up haunted for sure.

19th century double-gallery house in New Orleans, Louisiana.
byu/ManiaforBeatles inArchitecturePorn

3. Noisy-le-Grand, France

My entire sense of dimension feels off.

Les Espaces d’Abraxas, Noisy-le-Grand, France [750×936]
byu/loulan inArchitecturePorn

2. Unknown Location

Looks incredible though!

Art Nouveau doorway
byu/mr-autumn-man inArchitecturePorn

1. Vancouver, Canada

From what I can tell, this place is actually called the “Pacific Museum of Earth.”

Museum of Coastal Geomorphology in Vancouver
byu/ShaunUgLee inArchitecturePorn

Really inspiring stuff to look at!

What’s your favorite building?

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