I don’t know much about life but I do know this…

There are tweets that are not worthy of LOLs and then there are ones that DEFINITELY ARE.

And the tweets you’re about to see definitely belong in the latter category.

Listen, we’ve done our research on this topic and we feel pretty darn confident about it, okay?

Oh, you don’t believe us?

All I can say is that you’re going to have egg all over your face after you scroll down…

So take a look at them and have some laughs on us!

You’re welcome!

1. Sounds fishy…

Think she’s telling the truth?

2. All of those things!

That’s what friends do.

3. Close enough.

Don’t you agree?

4. This is very accurate.

None of us can name another one!

5. I love this idea.

Let’s make it happen!

6. What happened to this tradition?

It would be nice if it made a comeback.

7. Could be worse.

Who doesn’t love Woody?

8. Good point…

Never thought about it this way.

9. Mom, we need to talk…

You can’t do that anymore!

10. Hard to resist.

It’s part of our DNA.

11. I’m not buying it.

No music on the beach!

12. You blew it!

Can’t look away for one second…

13. I’d read this book.

It looks great!


14. Good point.

Bet you never thought of this.

15. I’m in the same boat!

Remember what happened to Susan…?

Have you seen any hilarious tweets lately?

I’m talking about ones that have really made you bust a gut?

Share some good ones with us in the comments.

Thanks a lot!