It seems pretty clear to people who study such things how dogs and humans became so close. Long ago, a symbiotic relationship formed between humans and wolves. We provided them food and shelter, they provided us protection and companionship. The love has grown ever since.

How there came to be domesticated cats isn’t quite as clear. It really doesn’t make sense by most accounts – they’re largely solitary and independant creatures without much of a pack mentality.

And yet, once you love ’em, you’re in for life.

How can we settle the tensions that arise from these two camps? Through tweets, I reckon.

15. Fight the real enemy

Don’t let them make you lose focus.

14. All I wanna do is…

Day and night man, day and night.

13. Together again

There needs to be a Secretary of Pets or something.

12. The real divide

Whoa now, calm down.

11. Little furry dummies

Gotta rescue ’em against their will half the time.

10. It’s a love/hate relationship

We’ve really just come to accept that.

9. Ain’t no snitch

My main man would never turn me in.

8. The humble man

Gotta keep us in our place.

7. Train of thought

To be fair, other creatures likely think the same of us.

6. Blindsided

Falls on face, walks away like nothing happened.

5. The choice is yours

Reject the binary.

4. Just the facts

Oh nooooo.

3. Who works for whom?

The power dynamics are pretty clear.

2. That’s the deal

Whatever floats your boat.


There’s no need to feel down!

I guess those probably didn’t so much settle anything as stir up the fight…oh well.

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

Tell us where you stand in the comments.