I’ll never forget the first time I brought my college girlfriend home to meet my parents. I think I was 22 at the time, and my dad just sort of casually, out of nowhere said “you know Ben, when I was your age, you’d been born.”

I had no idea what to do with that observation. It was true, but jarring. What was he trying to imply? Was he pushing me to get serious with this girl and go settle down already as I was clearly becoming an old and tattered bachelor?

I have no idea. But it just serves to illustrate how great the divide is becoming between generations and their expected life paths. Another great illustration of that phenomenon are these tweets right here.

10. The best of times

It’s whatever, this is where we live now, we’ve come to accept it.

9. That face

That absolutely unforgettable face.



8.  I’m a top

And you’re living like it.



7. That’s a stretch

We’re all just keeping occupied as best as we can.

6. Holy communion

It looks a little bit different these days.


5. Dunn’s River Falls

Are you even drinking that?


4. Paid

Well, at least you’ve got that going for you?
Which is nice?


3. Teenage dream

If you ain’t about the mac, you can step back.

2. Just chillin’

Why does your shirt look like it’s trying to melt away from you?

1. All time champ

Looks like you’re keeping good company.

No two generations are exactly alike – and maybe that’s for the best.

How would you compare your life to where your parents were at?

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