Do you remember before? I should hope so. If you can remember later, we need to talk and get you to some kind of scientist immediately.

But if you’re like most of us, and can only recall what’s already been called, then you might just enjoy these posts that celebrate yesteryear.

We can never go back, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hold on, at least a little bit.

Let the dopamine rush in!

15. Have you had your break today?

A special kind of ew.

Somehow, this McDonald’s floor was always sticky and slippery at the same time. from nostalgia

14. Pour one out

And then you’d lose the lid thingy and all heck would break loose.

The Tupperware lemonade jug that was in everyone’s fridge from nostalgia

13. What’s the story, Wishbone?

I can hear his little doggy voice in my head right now.

Anyone remember seeing Wishbone? from nostalgia

12. TIGHT tights

Mel Brooks is an absolute legend.

Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993) from nostalgia

11. The agony of da feet

Is it just me or did this process always feel supremely awkward?

Getting your feet measured whenever you got new school shoes. from nostalgia

10. Out in the woods

Dang son, that is one big playground.

Wooden Playground: Despite scorching hot metal slides and rubber bridges – we always went back for more… from nostalgia

9. When tv was TV

I don’t even know how we got these things in and out of our houses.

Big Wood Grain Console TVs from nostalgia

8. Our precious

Well if you ever do get rid of them, sell, don’t toss.
That DS alone is probably worth $100.

My collection of old electronics that I cannot throw out from nostalgia

7. The blanket

You know that one we’re talking about.

The blanket that was set over every grandma’s couch from nostalgia

6. Get ’em fast!

I worked here just before they closed down.
Best day job I ever had – just talking to people about movies all day and occasionally stocking a shelf.

Checking the new release section in Blockbuster from nostalgia

5. Pizza the Hut

Somehow the soda tasted better in that thing.

Ancient cup from pizza hut. Nostalgic enough? from nostalgia

4. Pop culture

Oh that wacky Bazooka Joe!

Bazooka Joe gum from nostalgia

3. Rat race

They got a lot of mileage out of that concept.

Anyone still remember Wacky Races? from nostalgia

2. Burst my bubble

I don’t know how they made these things but I’m fairly sure they should never have been near children’s’ mouths.

The toxic smell and taste of Plastic Balloons from nostalgia

1. Feel the chemistry

Yo, Mr. White.

90s high school science classroom from nostalgia

I guess not everything was perfect. Just being reminded of that plastic bubble smell is horrendous.

What are you most nostalgic for right now?

Tell us in the comments.