There’s nothing like a little walk down memory lane to make you feel all the feels from your childhood.

The 80s and 90s may have been a time of bad hair and bright clothes, and all the plastic you could possibly consume, but man, there was some great stuff too.

These 19 blasts from the past will leave anyone over 30 feeling nostalgic:

1. Ballerina jewellery box

I had one. You had one. We all had one. The nice thing is they still make them today, but a little more inclusive versions.

2. Bath beads

As someone who LOVES baths, I had all but forgotten about these! And I don’t remember any kids ever being tempted to try eating them…


3. The fishing game

Possibly as boring and tedious, but more anxiety laden, than actual fishing.

Fishing game
byu/Pipliz inForgottenToys

4. MapQuest

Apparently it’s still a thing. I have vivid memories of getting lost in a very fancy neighborhood because of bad MapQuest directions.

5. Trix fruit shapes

I didn’t know they stopped being shaped like real fruit. Was it to stop giving the illusion that there was anything healthy about this sugar-cereal?

6. Corduroy bear

Who didn’t love him to bits?


7. Skip-It

A catchy tune. Kids having fun. I wanted in! Does anyone suddenly feel tricked into exercising?

8. Crossfire game

I didn’t have one, but I’m willing to bet my husband did.

9. Duracell Power-Check batteries

That made you go “oh wow, I remember those” didn’t it?

Duracell powercheck batteries
byu/tenpoundtatertot innostalgia

10. The Brave Little Toaster

Haunting your nightmares and making you anthropomorphize your belongings for decades.

who remembers The Brave Little Toaster? honestly the AC guy scared me
byu/Professional-Ad1665 innostalgia

11. Pull Toys

Also known as “the creepy weird telephone pull toy” that everyone had.


12. Book It!

For a kid who loved to read, an award for reading was the best thing ever. And don’t forget that personal pan pizza you would earn!


13. Scratch ‘n Sniff stickers

Normalizing huffing since sometime in the 60s.

The way scratch ‘n sniff stickers smelled
by innostalgia

14. Garfield

The comic book. The cartoon show! Would kids today even get my references about scarfing lasagna?

Another goodwill “haul” … definitely a favorite from my childhood!
byu/jayembee01 innostalgia

15. You Can’t Do That On Television

And yet they did. (I was forbidden to watch them do it.)

You Can’t Do that On Television.
by innostalgia

16. Don’t Wake Daddy

Because apparently all of our board games were anxiety provoking and full of trauma.

17. Wishbone!

If I’m being honest, I learned a lot of the classics from Wishbone. He was my first introduction to Mr. Darcy. He was the reason I read the Count of Monte Cristo.

18. Orange Nickelodeon tapes

And OMG Harriet the Spy! Am I the only one who grew up to watch Harriet’s buddy Sport in Rookie Blue? I can’t be the only one.

Orange VHS tapes from Nickelodeon
byu/coffeeblossom innostalgia

19. The Y2K Panic

Remember how people thought everything was just going to shut down. Where is this same fear about cyber hacking today??

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling extremely nostalgic.

What’s your favorite childhood memory that most people have long-forgotten? Tell us in the comments.