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I’m talking about a beautiful, touching story that we really think is gonna put a HUGE smile on your face? Good, because we have a really nice one for you!

When Dylan Bliss graduated from high school, he knew that he wanted to recreate a very important memory with his best pal. Dylan and the family dog, Ruger, had taken a picture together on Dylan’s first day of first grade and the old boy was still around to help the graduate mark this new milestone. So the pair recreated that great old photo.

Now feast your eyes on these two best buddies who’ve spent most of their lives together.

Those two look very happy together, don’t you think?

Dylan’s mom Corie Bliss said that the family adopted Ruger when he was just a puppy and,

“We try to bring him with us everywhere. He’s super loyal and loves his family.”

Ruger and Dylan literally grew up together and Corie said she got the idea to recreate the photo when she was flipping through some old photos and found the one from Dylan’s first day of school all those years ago.

There’s a reason why people say that dogs are man’s best friend…because it’s true!

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