You never really know how a chance encounter might change your perspective in life or provide you with an affirming experience.

And that’s exactly what happened to a woman named Rachel R. Romeo, a speech-language pathologist who had an encounter on a plane that made a big impact on her. Romeo explained in detail what happened that day in a very interesting Twitter thread.

This is how it started.

Romeo then explained that she actually worked as a speech-language pathologist. But the flight did not start on a good note.

Romeo then offered to try to connect with the boy and his father agreed.

The boy was not a fan of screens, so Romeo had to improvise.

She then realized that it was working and she was connecting with the little boy! And they had plenty of time to work on it together.

Romeo made a lot of progress with the boy during the 8-hour flight and she gave the boy’s father a paper that he would be able to use in the future to help his son.

All the boy wanted to do was to be able to communicate and Romeo made that happen.

Romeo realized that the experience was not only good for the young boy, but also for her as she continues on her path in the speech-language therapy field.

That is quite a story! Imagine being able to make such a difference in a short period of time!

Now we want to hear from you. Have you ever been helped by a stranger like this and it was truly life-changing?

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