It can be pretty difficult to determine what’s good and what’s bad for your pets.

There are seemingly a million different blogs, videos, articles, and, of course, opinions out there pulling dog and cat owners in different directions about the health of their furry family members.

Well, we think that this article will help you cut through a lot of the noise.

A veterinarian named Dr. Hunter Finn made a few TikTok videos that went viral because the good doctor emphasized what popular items pet owners should AVOID at the pet store.


Finn is an associate veterinarian in Arlington, Texas and he said why he decided to make the videos:

“After a walk through a local store looking for new toys for my own dogs, I realized that there are an overwhelming amount of options, and marketing and colorful products play a huge role in the consumer’s decision.

Unfortunately, those well-marketed products are not always what’s best for their loved ones.”

Let’s take a look at Finn’s videos about this important subject.


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And here’s another one from the good doctor.


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Finn added,

“As a veterinarian who sees sick patients from toys, treats, and foods that aren’t necessarily the safest for them, I feel it is my job to go above and beyond and give pet owners the information they need to make informed purchases to prevent these mishaps.”

Thanks for the advice, Doc!

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