Who doesn’t love cheese eggs, right?

But let me ask you a question: have you ever had cheese eggs from the almighty Waffle House?

If you haven’t, you might want to change that ASAP. And a Waffle House employee was nice enough to make a TikTok video where she showed viewers how to make the good stuff!

Check out her video.

@spanishflymel How to make waffles house cheese eggs #BetheReasonVisa #viral #3rdshiftlife #wafflehouse #IntuitTouchdownDance #fayetteville #tiktok #fyp ♬ original sound – Only1mell

Folks seemed to be pretty excited about the whole thing on TikTok and they shared their thoughts in the comments.

One person said,

“So THAT’S why they taste like that because of the shortening! They good.”

And another added,

“l literally watched them make my eggs this way and been doing it ever since.”

A TikTokker commented,

“I’ve been tryna recreate these eggs ever since I moved out of Texas/the States. God bless this tutorial.”

The woman who made the video said,

“I love doing TikToks. I just never have enough time because I’m always at work. I’m always down for a teaching moment. Even employees that work for Waffle House can learn. It’s hard to get trained right. People stop caring to do things the right way. I also enjoy watching other people’s tutorials at their jobs. So I was like, ‘I’m here, might as well take advantage of it.’”

When asked what makes the cheese eggs special, she said,

“Could be the shortening we use or could just be the environment. It’s Waffle House — everything tastes better coming from us. Or the fact we cook with love. And care about customers.”

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