I guess fairy tales sometimes do come true, huh?

This wholesome story comes to us from a woman named Kelly who decided to give a child who lives in her neighborhood a big thrill during the pandemic that has been stressful for all of us.

She started out by saying that she noticed something interesting on one of her walks.

And then…

So Kelly decided to take action and play along with the young girl who wrote the note so she could lift her spirits.

And she posed a challenge to the youngster.

And she was surprised by what she found the next evening when she was out for a walk again.

And so the game continued…and Kelly left a note for the girl’s parents, too, so they wouldn’t be worried about anything.

And then there was this note from the young girl to the “fairy”, a.k.a. Kelly.

Kelly talked about how this fun adventure with the young girl provided her with relief during the pandemic, which has made her so lonely.

And Kelly and the girl have been writing each other notes this entire time.

And she enlisted the girl’s mom to help so the fairy tale would be even more realistic.

It was time to break out the costume!

And then the girl’s mom told Kelly that they would be moving away.

And Kelly told the girl that she, the fairy, had to move as well, to try to make her feel better.

And the two fairy pen pals finally got to meet in person.

And she told the girl about how fairies have to move sometimes, too.

And Kelly decided to play one last fun game with the girl.

And the two got to know each other!

Kelly talked about how important the whole experience was for her and how much the little girl lifted her spirits, as well.

And the two plan to keep in touch! I’d say this was a win for everyone involved: Kelly, the little girl, and her parents.

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