Who’s up for a good revenge story?!?!

Especially one that deals with a cheating ex-boyfriend?!?!

Well, we’re all in luck today, people, because a woman shared a very interesting story on Reddit about what she decided to do to the cheater in her life…

Let’s take a look.

Cheat on Me and No One Goes on Vacation

“My ex and I used to go to a Cancun resort every year with a bunch of our mutual friends. I found out my ex was cheating on me when I accidentally got a flight confirmation email that he booked tickets for himself and the other girl. It was rough.

Tried to have a civil breakup but he refused to pay me for the Cancun vacation that I had already prepaid. I tried to get my money back but he refused. After our breakup it took me several weeks to find a new place to live and move my things out of his house. On the last trip to the house I asked him one last time for the money and he again refused.

So I “accidentally” packed his current passport in my last box of things and left my expired passport in its place. Since he has already booked the tickets he apparently didn’t check the passport until he was at the airport and was denied the international flight because he didn’t have a current passport.

I never did get my money but I did get immense satisfaction that he didn’t get to go on vacation.”

And here’s how people responded on Reddit.

This person said she should rub a little more salt in the wound and mail his passport back to him after it expires. Hey o!

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And this reader said she should even go a step further and mail it from old Mexico!

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Or perhaps she should have booked the EXACT SAME TRIP as her ex so she could really surprise him.

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And this reader was mightily impressed with the woman’s evil tactics.

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Finally, this person said that the woman’s ex-boyfriend acted like a total creep and he had what was coming to him.

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