Working in customer service can be a real headache and a woman named Kayla Poorman took to TikTok to share her experiences working at an Ace Hardware.

Poorman seemed particularly annoyed about how customers at her store commented on her unusual hair color, which is split-dyed.

Take a look at her video.

@k.poormom Can’t make this shit up #customerservice #customerserviceproblems #acehardware #boomers #HuluChippendalesDance #BeTheReasonVisa #IntuitTouchdownDance #fyp ♬ original sound – Kayla Poorman

Folks who saw her video talked about their own annoying experiences with customers.

One person commented,

“My whole head is pink and old people always stop me and ask ‘did you know your hair was pink?!’ Like thanks, you are adding so much value to my day.”

Another viewer said that an older man said her half red half/brown hair made them look “like a hemorrhoid.”

One viewer said,

“Had an old lady say about my tattoos ‘you now those are permanent right?’ I said ‘I hope so!’”

Another TikTokker said this most likely had something to door with Poorman being female and remarked,

“Working in hardware as a young woman is EXHAUSTING.”

Here’s some advice to customers out there: how about you just don’t comment on anyone’s appearance no matter who they are or where they work?

I think that’s the best game plan…

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