We all have certain issues with our parents.

Some are big. Some are small. But they’re all unique to each and every one of us.

And a young woman, 19, took to Reddit’s “Am I the *sshole?” page to see if she is wrong for ignoring her mom…. for a very odd reason.

Read on to see what happened.

AITA for ignoring my mom for two weeks now?

“I’m (19 F) an only child and I grew up with very affectionate parents: they love to kiss me and I still sometimes sleep on their bed with them. Overall, you could say my relationship with my parents is relatively good.

We live in an apartment with two rooms (one for me and one for them), a living room, a kitchen/dining area, one toilet, and one toilet & bath.

My story starts about two weeks ago. It was just me and my mom inside our home since my dad had to go to work. I was showering at around 18:00 after I worked out and while I usually lock the door whenever I’m inside, I didn’t at that time since I was comfortable around my mom and we were both girls anyways.

Suddenly, the bathroom door opened. I thought it was my mom, but I found it strange that the door closed immediately as it was opened. I had just applied facial wash when it happened so I couldn’t really see what’s going on.

When I went finished my bath, my mom suddenly started screaming at me and calling me names (“slt, you little flrt, etc etc). I didn’t understand her sudden outburst until I saw my dad walking out of their room and it was then that I realized it must’ve been my dad who opened the door while I was showering. Although my dad assured my mom and me that he didn’t know I was in there and didn’t see anything and it was purely accidental, my mom still berated me for “not being careful” and that it was my fault.

Her words really hurt me, which resorted to me ignoring her for more than two weeks now. She would try to get my attention and start to touch/hug me again, but I ignore all of them.

AITA for doing such thing?

So… y’all got some issues! But here’s what people on Reddit had to say about this.

This person said the young woman is not an *sshole and that her mom seems very insecure.

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Another person brought up something a lot of us were probably thinking: is this family perhaps a little bit too touchy-feely?

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This individual said that this whole situation is a bit concerning and that the woman who wrote the post should probably think about moving out of her parents’ house.

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This person didn’t hold back: they think the woman’s mom is f*cked.

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Lastly, this person believes that the whole situation is “bizarre and dangerous.”

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