I knew a guy when I was younger who had a handicapped parking tag on his car because his mom was disabled…but his mom lived about 500 miles away so he was just using the tag so he could get premium parking.

I always thought that was a little shady…

And today we’re going to hear from a person who wants to know if they’re an a**hole because they parked in expectant mother parking.

Let’s see what happened.

AITA for parking in expectant mother parking?

“I was at Walmart with my mom who is disabled and has disabled parking. There was no disabled parking available.

The only close parking was for expectant mothers and families, so I parked there instead of driving around. Some guy called me out saying he would call mall security. I told him my mother is disabled and has the disabled parking as well.

This guy double downed and said it didn’t matter. I ended up flipping him off, showing him the parking pass.


Here’s what Reddit users had to say.

One person said they’re NTA at all.

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This individual agreed and said people need to mind their own business.

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And this Reddit user said that there’s nothing legally binding with these spots and that people just SUCK.

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