You know things gotta be pretty bad when you take legal action against your own family.

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AITA for taking legal action against my family?

“I live abroad, and I just got back in town to visit my grandmother who is in the last stage of dementia and bedridden. My grandfather who is 92, is in good health and sound mind, so he acts as her POA, and we hired a family friend to be her caretaker.

I recently found out that my grandmother’s rings were missing and when I did more research, I was told my cousin, her great niece, had taken them, after being given them by my grandmothers caretaker who claimed she got them from my grandfather… because she has my grandma in some recording saying she can have them when she d**s.

Well, my grandmother is not d**d, my grandmother told a lot of people they could get a ring one day, but most importantly, she is not in good mental state and my cousins are nowhere in her will.

My grandfather is very upset about this, including her missing wedding ring, and even a ring that my late father purchased for her before he d**d.

My cousin will not return them because of this verbal confirmation she claims she received to take all of my grandmother’s jewelry, and I’m a bit irate.

I contacted lawyers yesterday, but because she has a nasty tone about it and refuses to give them back to my grandfather, I’m ready to call the police ?‍♀️ And file a stolen property report. This will obviously cause much tension…


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Another individual said they are NTA and that the niece and the caregiver both need to be charged.

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