I’m sure you’ve found yourself at jobs during times in your life where management just didn’t appreciate you or give you the proper respect you deserved.

Hey, we’ve all been there at one point or another!

And it’s always so darn satisfying to hear a story about someone who quits a job and the boss knows almost immediately that they made a mistake.

A person took to Reddit to share their own story.

Here’s how it started.

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He started out slowly at the job but started taking on more responsibility quickly when management knew they could count on him…and when they didn’t want to do certain things themselves…

And so he started doing just about everything about the joint.

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He was working his tail off and the owners would sometimes tell him they wanted to make him a manager…

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But after they kept bringing up the management position and not delivering, the person decided to have a sit-down with one of the bosses and bring it up.

That’s called being a go-getter!

But the boss didn’t see it that way.

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So this employee decided to only do what they were originally hired to do.

Hey, if the bosses want to play that game, then that’s how it will be.

But the boss clearly didn’t catch on after that first conversation.

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Wow! That’s totally ridiculous!

The conversation continued…and the boss laid down a challenge that he probably didn’t expect this person to take.

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But they did!

See ya later…but the bosses still didn’t catch on…they don’t seem too bright.

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And things went downhill very fast after this employee left.

Here’s how the story ended.

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What do you think about this?

Have you had jobs where you wanted to just walk out sometimes?

Or maybe where you DID walk out?

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