I love animals, and I don’t know about you, but I was obsessed with The Crocodile Hunter back in the day.

While I was recovering from a difficult surgery, Steve Irwin’s “Danger, danger, danger,” was the fastest way to make me smile.

So of course I follow his daughter Bindi’s Instagram to keep up-to-date on what’s happening in the Irwin lives and at Australia Zoo.

Bindi and her family post a lot of great pictures to Instagram.

Whether they are pictures of the family helping animals, traveling, or just hanging out at home, they are always delightful and sure to please, like this group photo she posted recently:


It features her mom Terri, brother Robert, husband Chandler, and showcases Bindi’s baby bump.

Bindi and Robert are so much like their parents that it’s scary sometimes.


Steve definitely did an amazing job in the short time he had, to pass down his love of wildlife and his passion for conservation.

Like her parents, Bindi met her future husband during a tour of the family’s zoo.

After a years-long, intercontinental courtship, Chandler finally popped the question in 2019.


Now he’s part of the Australia Zoo family too, and honestly, I’m not sure there’s a more welcoming place on earth.

In many ways, Chandler is a lot like Steve-o.


That post, featuring an Australian Carpet Python, sure does remind me of a famous picture of Steve.
(And the UPS commercials where he used to pretend to get bitten.)


Unfortunately in the spring of 2020, Bindi and Chandler’s wedding plans had to be modified due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But that didn’t stop them from enjoying the gorgeous day with family and close friends.


You can’t help but think that Steve would have been thrilled.

Especially later in the year when they made their very special announcement.


Once they found out she was pregnant, I bet Bindi couldn’t wait to recreate her family’s iconic photo.

Neither could her followers! The post has been favorited over 1 million times!


Just like Steve and Terri, it is obvious that Bindi and Chandler will be great parents.

And the world will be better off for the new Wildlife Warrior they are bringing into it.