Dr. Rob Palkovitz is a Professor of Human Development and Family Sciences at the University of Delaware and he wrote an article where he broke down the quality of father-son relationships.

Palkovitz says that this relationship can be summed up by the “ABC of Fatherhood”: Affective climate, Behavior, and Connection, and he also says that sons AND dads both thrive when dads are involved in the kids’ lives.

The “A”, or affective climate, part of Palkovitz’s article talks about how children realize that a father who is involved loves them and always has their back. He calls this the most important part of a father-son relationship.

The “B” part concerns the father’s behavior. When a dad spends time with his son doing activities, helping with homework, and attending his events, boys tend to have better relationships with other kids, better school attendance, use fewer drugs, and have fewer problems with the law.

Photo Credit: Unsplash,Moses Vega

And “C” stands for connection. Involved fathers know when to impart wisdom and offer teaching moments to their sons but they also realize when they should back off if their son is feeling overwhelmed.

On top of all that, studies have shown that fathers who are involved in their sons’ lives have better health, capacity for empathy, cognitive skills, and it builds self-confidence.

I think that’s called a “win-win” situation.

Click HERE to read Palkovitz’s entire article about this important topic.

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