There are a lot of ups and downs between two people when they decide to get married.

The good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between…

And these tweets are gonna prove exactly what I’m talking about!

Let’s have some laughs about married life!

1. Not listening…again.

Will he ever learn?

2. Good idea!

I’m gonna try this.

3. Can’t keep up.

Who has the time to watch all of them?

4. Marriage problems.

Not a pretty picture.

5. She’s had it.

You blew it!

6. Of course, they are.

No question about that.

7. It’s gonna work!

Those air fryers can do anything.

8. This is true love.

We should all be so lucky.

9. Just do it!

It’s what she really wants.

10. You’re ruining his night.

And his life.

11. Took you long enough.

This is when you storm out of the house crying.

Do you have any funny marriage stories for us?

Fill us in in the comments.

Thanks a lot!