If there’s one thing we really strive to accomplish here, it’s to make our readers laugh and to make them smile.

And we’re obviously counting YOU in that group because you’re here reading this article right now, aren’t you?

You bet you are!

I’m gonna level with you: we know that everyone has been in a bit of a dark place for a while because of all the chaos in the world, so we’ve been working EXTRA hard to present you with the good stuff.

Enjoy these funny tweets, friends! We know we did!

1. You gotta be careful with that thing!

You don’t want to lose it, do you?

2. Oh, really?

It sure feels like it’s been a long time…

3. I feel sorry for those folks…

It’s gotta be rough.

11. Well, I think you were right…

Oh, what a year it’s been…

5. Hahahaha. You know this guy.

We all know this guy!

6. Yeah, this is the best one.

The competition is now over.

7. What am I doing here?

I think I might be in the wrong place.

8. I hear you on this one.

Please vacate the premises.


9. You got it all!

I’d be nice to this guy if I were you.

10. You’re making the rest of the hand get very worried.

You’re being too hard on that one finger!


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