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AITA for telling my girlfriend it’s weird that she wants to name our son after her d**d ex boyfriend?

“My (31M) girlfriend’s (30F) ex boyfriend passed away 7 years ago from sickle cell disease. They shared a son together who is 9 years old, I adore him and look after him like he’s my own.

As for us, we began dating 3 years ago and everything has been going really great. She is currently 6 months pregnant, we are having a boy. We’re both really excited but there is tension between us because she suggested that we name our son after her ex boyfriend.

Which I instantly said no, that’s definitely not happening. So she then asked if it could be his middle name then because it would mean a lot to her. I told her it’s extremely weird because our kid has absolutely no relation to her ex boyfriend and it’s offensive to me to have OUR son named after a d**d guy that she use to date.

She got all sh**ty with me and said I was disrespectful and wasn’t taking her feelings into consideration blah blah blah and then told me to remember “that d**d guy she use to date is the real father of her son.” I don’t think it was fair to rub that in my face. So now we’re both pissed off with each other.

I genuinely think it was out of line for her to even ask me that not to mention inappropriate.


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