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AITA for yelling at my mom about replacing me with her new kid?

“I know it sounds bad but hear me out.

So I (27M) and my mom (45F) have never had a good relationship. My dad (52M) worked a lot of hours so it was always just me and my mom. All she did was nag me constantly. It was always about that s**t. She never listened to what I wanted.

For example she’d pack these really elaborate lunchboxes and when she found out I was giving it to my friend, she got really upset even though I told her before that I wanted normal foods. To make it worse, she guilt-tripped me by packing my friend his own lunch and dropped it off every morning when she drive me to school. IT was a passive aggressive stunt.

Long story short, my dad and his coworker clicked things happened and my mom freaked out and they divorced. I was 16 and wanted to live with my dad and my stepmom who was way more chill. She let me live and didn’t nag me about homework and stuff. My mom tried to get custody but the judge let me decide. My dad and stepmom didn’t make me contact her.

A few years later, I changed my number for insurance stuff, moved out of state, and we lost contact. She was literally already married and had a kid but she didn’t tell me. It wasn’t 11 years of no contact like people said, just a couple of years out of touch. So she basically lied to me

Recently my grandparents had their anniversary and they somehow invited my mom even though she’s the ex. I didn’t think she would show up.

She came in with her husband, and a 5 year old kid, my “half-brother” My mom had married someone without telling me and had a kid. I was so upset that she hadn’t even told me. I yelled at her.

I was really hurt that she replaced me with the “perfect, well behaved kid”. She was going to pretend I didn’t exist so her perfect life could continue. She threw a tantrum and left with her new family.

My grandparents asked me to leave but my dad and my stepmom had my back. They said it was ridiculous that she hadn’t told any of us that she got remarried and had a kid. My grandparents said that they knew and were invited to her wedding. Now my dad is mad at his parents, I’m mad at my mom, and my life has turned to s**t.


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