As you might know, things can get testy when it comes to where to spend the holidays if you’re married.

Your family’s house or their family’s house?

And it gets even more complicated when there are hard feelings involved…

Check out this guy’s story and see if you think he was out of line for what he asked his wife.

AITA for asking my wife if we can spend every other holiday at home instead of my in laws after she said we can’t go to my mom’s anymore?

“My wife decided a few years ago that we will no longer be spending any holidays with my mom because she is rude (to be fair she is), doesn’t cater to the kids enough, and the final straw was when my mom reached in front of us to get some food and we noticed a ring and realized she had gotten married.

My wife said if we weren’t good enough to get a wedding invite, we clearly aren’t good enough to spend holidays with. It hurt but I agreed because I didn’t want to harm my marriage. The past couple holiday seasons have been rough on me. I just don’t enjoy holidays with my in laws at all. They have like 30 people there, everyone is so loud, food is dry and bland, just no one I connect with, and it makes me miss spending holidays with my mom.

Recently my wife brought up the holidays and i let her know how I was feeling. she said she sympathized but was not wasting another Christmas with my b**ch mom. I asked if we could start staying home every other year and just doing something the four of us. My wife blew up.

She said I was selfish and trying to ruin her holidays just because my mom is a b**ch, that I don’t care about our kids because they love it (they do but they are 4 and 2 and I think would love anything if we made it exciting for them), and she said I need to act like a grown man and put my feelings aside for the good of the family.

I feel I had the right to just ask and she owed me at least an adult conversation.”

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